Stephanie Cowley


Stephanie Cowley illustrated our limited edition of Alice in Wonderland.

Stephanie is a self-taught artist inspired by the effervescence of nature which she captures through watercolour. Stephanie lived all over the world during her teen years and early 20’s. From the UK to India to Portugal a set of paints would always accompany her. However, it wasn’t until she moved to Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef that painting miraculously took over her life. Where the rainforest meets the reef inspiration became overwhelming, Stephanie quickly made a name for herself selling work to locals and visitors alike.

Her style ranges from semi- abstracted artwork to highly intricate illustrations all with her signature sense of whimsy. Her range of artwork aims to spread awareness for all creatures great and small and to make people fall back in love with nature. Stephanie’s artworks and illustrations have received international interest and can be found in collections globally. She now resides on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia running a busy studio with her partner Dave.

You can view her work at and