Magdalena Kruszynska

Magdalena Kruszynska illustrated our limited edition of Wuthering Heights.

The details make the design” 

Magdalena Kruszynska is a Paris based fashion illustrator, graduated and prized seasoned executive of the fashion industry with a master degree of Fine Arts & Fashion Design from the National Academy of Arts.  In her opinion, fashion illustration is as important as fashion photography and can overtake photography in some aspects by it’s power to reveal what the eye, nor the camera are able to capture, and only the imagination can. Hand drawing has a certain warmth and approachability. It is like art interpreting art. 

Whilst illustrating for fashion Magdalena feels she can create something more than just a document of a design. She listens to her emotions and transfers them into imagery, creating the story the way she sees the design.  She can visually articulate a comprehensive story encompassing the mood accompanying a collection as well as the style and personality of its creator. Her favourite aspect of fashion illustration, is that she has the chance to add her own unique style to it. 

Magdalena draws for Haute Couture Houses, illustrates fashion collections, sketches runway looks and works for a range of apparel companies upon special collections projects. She also collaborates with a reputable list of media channels, and designers bringing their ideas to life via illustration. 

Magdalena’s approach to illustration is largely traditional, her artworks are hand drawn with pencils and markers, then painted with ink and water colours. They are finely detailed and have a very feminine, romantic and whimsical vibe. She pays a lot of attention to the nuanced expressions of the model’s face, as well as detailed representations of the design they are wearing and corresponding background. 

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