Daniel Midholt

Daniel Midholt is one of the collaborative artist of our limited edition Gothic Horror set. He illustrated Frankenstein and the endpaper for the four book set.

Daniel is a Stockholm based artist who was born in Byarum, in the southern part of Sweden. Over two decades he has created character work and other artwork for various European as well as American film and TV productions.

After graduation from the Academy of Entertainment Technology in Santa Monica, he started working as a CG animator and modeller for several productions in the greater Los Angeles area. Throughout his career as an artist he has worked in Scotland, England, Ireland and in the USA but now resides in Sweden.

Horror and the grotesque has always been prominent themes in his artwork.  “I don’t aim for the shock factor with my work. I find it much more interesting if the viewer identifies with the emotions of the abnormal creature itself. This is one of the reasons why I found Frankenstein to be such a great story to illustrate.”

Currently Daniel is a character artist at Important Looking Pirates in Stockholm.

You can view Daniel’s work at www.instagram.com/danielmidholtart and www.artstation.com/danielmidholt.