Our Mission

We are an Australian family-owned publishing company with a passion for beautiful books. We dedicate our time and energy to creating beautiful illustrated limited editions of the world’s best literary classics. Our goal is to provide book lovers like us with the same joy we feel when we touch, smell (yes, that’s a thing!) and read a beautiful hardcover book.

Our Story

There’s no shortcuts or funny business in what we do. We use high quality material with modern printing technology to ensure that every detail of the artwork is beautifully displayed. We’re really proud of the fact that our books are handmade by us in our Australian studio and inspired by bookbinding techniques that are centuries old.

We’re literally hands-on during the entire book binding process:

  • we fold the paper and sew the signatures together with a needle and thread
  • we round and back the books with a hammer to create a curved spine
  • we hand sew the endbands near the spine, a true hallmark of a beautiful hardcover book
  • we attach the book casing and carefully place the book cover design.

Lots of time, love, care and attention go into making our books but at the end of the day we want our books to be read and re-read, experienced and treasured. We’re so excited that passionate book lovers like you are supporting our journey and helping us grow as a business.

Thanks for sharing our passion for beautiful illustrated books.

Michael & Melanie