Who We Are

We left the hustle and bustle of Sydney to enjoy tropical life in Townsville, Australia, raise our young children and dedicate our time and energy in creating beautiful illustrated limited editions of the world’s best literary classics. Now based in Adelaide, Australia, we continue our goal to give book lovers like us with the same joy we feel when we touch, smell (yes, that’s a thing!) and read a beautiful hardcover book.

Our Books

Limited Editions

The Limited Editions are handmade for those avid book lovers. We use high quality material with modern printing technology to ensure that every detail of the artwork is beautifully displayed.

Handmade books are labour intensive, but well worth it. We’re really proud of the fact that our books are handmade in Australia and inspired by bookbinding techniques that are centuries old.

Each book is hand bound to order, making each edition unique. Our books are limited to 1440 copies to celebrate the historic achievement of the Gutenburg Press. Archival paper used in each book will ensure that our books can be read and re-read, experienced and treasured for years to come.

Collectable Editions

The Collectable Editions are our affordable editions (non-handmade) which offer the same beautifully illustrated books for friendly budgets.

Minimalism Design

Without compromising detail and quality, we have stepped away from some of the traditional book features. For instance, our book covers contain no blurbs or barcodes so as not to detract from the cover art. The features kept only serve to enhance to story.

Our focus is simple: to combine great art and great literature to make beautiful books.

Exclusive Artwork

We collaborate with artists, both established and emerging talents, from around the world for exclusive artwork.

Our collaborations include artwork of various art forms and styles including, watercolour, hyperrealism, fashion illustration and digital art. Variety is at the heart of Waterbell’s catalogue of commissioned artwork.