About Us

We’re a husband and wife team with a passion for beautiful illustrated books. We dedicate our time and energy to creating beautiful illustrated limited edition books of the world’s best literary classics. Our books are illustrated by truly talented artists making them extra special. Our mission is to provide book lovers like us with the same joy we feel when we touch, smell (yes, that’s a thing!) and read a beautiful hardcover edition. Our books are meant to be read, treasured and passed down to future generations.

There’s no shortcuts or funny business in what we do. We’re really proud of the fact that our books are handcrafted by us. Lots of love, care and attention is put into binding our books , including folding paper and sewing signatures as well as sewing endbands, a hallmark of beautiful hardcover  books. We’re even more proud that passionate book lovers like you are supporting our journey and helping us grow as a business.

Thanks for sharing our passion for beautiful illustrated books.

Michael & Melanie